53 Strangest CBT Nuggets Search Results



We use quite a bit of user data here to optimize the CBT Nuggets Learner Experience.

Our Accountability Coaches report validated (and unvalidated) training minutes to make sure you’re fulfilling your training potential.

We look at site traffic for a number of normal reasons. We take the course and Nugget rating system very seriously.

Sometimes, we even dig into our on-site search terms to figure out what you want to find in our training library and potentially didn’t find.

This year, we went beyond the top 20 or 50 search results that let us know what you want — way past. We went into the long tail of onsite search terms and examined the last 100,000 search terms with only one view all year. Here’s what we found.

Diving into the Depths of Strange Searches

The vast majority of the long tail searches we examined were perfectly normal and expected, like every single permutation of misspelled Microsoft courses, obscure Cisco commands, or exam course numbers that don’t exist.

There were just as many partial searches, like “netw,” which is as far as you need to go to find Network+ on the reactive CBT Nuggets search bar.

We found a staggering number of email addresses that folks presumably copied and pasted into the search bar. It apparently happens a couple times a week.

We found a bunch of things that seemed out of place, but you might recognize them as technologies with names that are also objects, mythological creatures, or mathematicians:






diffie hellman

We found some company names, interestingly, mostly transportation companies:

lockheed martin

Carlile Transportation Systems

TOTE Maritime Alaska

Crowley Maritime

We also learned a little something about the individuals who either misplaced their Google searches or are very confused about the service CBT Nuggets provides.

Whoever you are, based on these searches, we know you love to read:


raymonds room

english literature

We know you love movies, too.

mike myers



And music from movies.

good morning vietnam song

And, um, more movies? Unless they’re band names. They’re probably band names.

hot indian sexy videos free

porn star debut

We also noticed some other anomalous search results, that we thought would be fun to share:

florida real estate

florida real estate exam



great planes


ground movement radar







sheep pint






earl nightingale








technological singularity

For those of you confused about the services CBT Nuggets provides, I’m sorry we disappointed you.

We don’t have “sheep pint” training, but it’s exciting to envision a world where that exists, whatever it is.

We don’t have electricity. Well, actually, I guess we do, but you can’t have any.

We can’t help you with the Florida real estate exam, but if it rises high enough in the search results, we’ll probably still not offer it.

And for those of you looking for pr0n. There’s the rest of the internet for that. Keep moving.

However, if you’re looking for online IT training in Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, and cloud services, we can help you. Because that’s what we do.

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  • tono-ks

    django is maybe meant as python web framework

  • Karin Klinger

    Ah! Good point, tono-ks! We should have figured that one out!

  • Great article! ELK refers probably to the ElasticSearch Logstash Kibana stack. It’s a trend these days, you might want to create a course for that!

  • Wayne Evans

    I know I searched for ELK on CBT Nuggets !!! Ithink you did a micro nugget on it… You should list all you micro Nuggets from you tube on the main site 🙂

  • Bol Arik

    Groovy may perhaps refer to the Java programming language, would have loved to see more Dev / DevOps /DevSecOps related courses.

  • Hiratio

    Great planes = Great Plains ERP software. Haven’t heard that name in a long time.

  • Hiratio

    Currently called Microsoft Dynamics GP. I remember evaluating GP just as Microsoft was buying it.