Tech News: Samsung Takes Aim at iPad, and more!


It’s that time of week again. Here’s our tech news roundup for you, including links to some of this week’s top stories. We’ve got a little bit of everything, from tablets, to Windows Store, to Steve Jobs. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

First it was PCs, then it was video game consoles, followed by smartphones. Could the newest technology war involve tablets? Since releasing its first iPad in 2010, Apple has dominated the tablet market. But that could soon change, thanks to Samsung. This Wall St. Cheat Sheet article highlight’s Samsung’s hybrid tablet that could change the tablet landscape. Read more about it here.

While Firefox fans may rejoice, other people might be skeptical about the release of the Mozilla’s Firefox OS smartphones. Can they hold their own against the more established and popular Android and Apple operating systems? Read more from Dice about the Firefox OS smartphone here.

Another day, another issue for Microsoft. This time it’s Windows Store. This InfoWorld article called it a “wasteland.” Fortunately for Microsoft, it has launched a revamped Windows Store, and so far so good. Read more about the changes here. How did you feel about Windows Store in the past? Speaking of Windows . . .

Now that the reviews are in about Windows 8.1, it’s time to start learning more about some of it’s features and how to use them. InformationWeek provides you with this in-depth look at eight (how clever) essentials about the latest Windows OS. Read them here!

Just a heads up: Microsoft is ending its popular TechNet subscription service because it wants to focus more on other services. You can read the ZDNet article here. What do you think of the decision?

We just can’t get enough of 3-D printers. In past Tech News roundups, we’ve highlighted several amazing potential uses for the technology. However, there’s some dangerous possibilities that come along with 3-D printing as well. This CNBC articles details one of those issues and what’s being done to resolve it. Read it here.

We’ve also mentioned the struggling PC industry numerous times. Here’s Michael Dell’s take on what companies like his (Dell) must do to survive the post-PC era. Read the Dice article here. Do you agree with his thoughts?

Here’s a thoughtful look at the late Steve Jobs’ impact on the tech world. It’s part of an InformationWeek series, 20 who changed Tech. There’s no denying, whether you are a fan or not of Apple, Jobs was a game changer. Read the article here.